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Rahul Handicraft's Blog

Indian Artworks

Gods and Goddesses, the Basis of Many Indian Artworks

Gods and goddesses have been the most favourite themes of sculptures, murals, paintings and other artwork in India and in the s..

23 July 2021Read time: 12min
Mural Paintings

The Importance of Mural Paintings in the Modern Context

The visual effect plays a big part in people’s perspectives, and can cheer them up. When monotony gets the better of you, look t..

13 May 2021Read time: 12min
Lord Ganesh

Why Lord Ganesh Statues are significantly important

Lord Ganesh! Son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi, known as the god of prosperity, good luck and success. He is the Lord of Be..

26 February 2018Read time: 12min
Thanjavur Paintings

Art of Thanjavur Paintings :Where Creativity Blends Tradition

Thanjavur Paintings are known as one of the most popular painting among the classical South Indian paintings. As the name suggest..

01 September 2017Read time: 12min
Indias Traditional History

Handicrafts Plays a Vital Role in India’s Traditional History

Indian handicrafts history starts 5000 years back from now. We can see a lot examples of handicrafts that are taken from the Civil..

01 September 2017Read time: 12min