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Mural Paintings

The Importance of Mural Paintings in the Modern Context

13 May 2021Read time: 12min

The visual effect plays a big part in people’s perspectives, and can cheer them up. When monotony gets the better of you, look to a mural painting to get inspiration and be transported to a different world or era.

What Are Murals?

Murals are artwork carried out on permanent surfaces such as walls. They can transform dreary walls into bright surroundings, and have been practiced ever since the age of the cave dwellers. Murals are still used to brighten up slums, parks and other public places. They’re also commissioned for homes. If the walls of your room give you a constrained experience, a mural painting can transform it.

You could pick any theme for a mural painting. It could be massive posters of sports icons, movie stars, pictures of flowers, nature themes to function as an idyllic background for rooms, etc. However, historic, religious and cultural murals hold a special place in the market. Characteristics of Kerala MuralsMurals can be a pictorial representation of mythological incidents. The fresco style is the general pattern underlying murals. They have whole episodes of legends inscribed on them. The characters in these stories are depicted in great depth in historic Kerala murals. Observing these paintings obviously transports you to that world - instant time travel, if you will.

The roots of this art in Kerala are from the 7th and 8th centuries. Traditionally, the brushes for mural painting are made from natural materials. The colour pigments are strong enough to stand the test of time.

The pigments are usually bright colours in Kerala murals. They can enliven your surroundings.

Taking practicality into consideration, murals by modern artists are done on canvas. These can be attached to the wall.
So would you be content with the plain walls of your home or would you order a mural painting?

Hari Rahul Handicraft
Business Owner